FUE method

Hair transplant with FUE method

FUE hair transplant – Follicular Units Extraction is an advanced technique of hair transplantation based on manual extraction of individual units from the head.
In the Przybylski Clinic, the FUE method is performed manually, which allows for greater precision in the selection and collection of individual units (grafts) from a specific donor area for transplantation. Under local anesthesia of the scalp, individual cylindrical follicular units (FU) are collected from the entire surface of the scalp, which is then transplanted into hairless areas. This method is more time-consuming and is referred to as scarless – not leaving a linear scar. In fact, the scars are microscopic and invisible to the naked eye. The limitation of this method is the amount of transplanted hair. The treatment is painless and takes place within one day of surgery.
Familiarize with the detailed price list of hair transplantation in the Przybylski Clinic.
The cost of a hair transplant depends on the number of grafts taken.

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